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Planning in Uncertain Times — with Brad Breeding

Planning in Uncertain Times — with Brad Breeding

Covenant Living is excited to offer a pre-recorded presentation of  Brad Breeding’s recent webinar – Planning in Uncertain Times.  Throughout this informative presentation, Brad discusses what the COVID-19 crisis will do to the financial markets, and how will it affect your options going forward? How are senior living communities responding to these new challenges – might they become more valuable than ever?

Brad Breeding is the president and co-founder of myLifeSite.net and author of “What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities?”. He provides valuable and objective insights to help guide you through this time of uncertainty. Topics include:

  • Helpful perspective on the current financial markets
  • How to evaluate your own financial plans in this environment
  • The important role of senior living communities in retirement planning
  • How the senior living industry and residents are responding to the coronavirus

This is a pre-recorded event, upon registering you will be provided with a private link for viewing!